Amuleto was one of the western restaurant located in Mid Valley. However, it has been closed down. The set lunch starts from RM13.90 onward. Its set menu is different for each day and has 3 different sets each day for you to choose. It consists of 1 soup, 1 main dish, 1 drink and 1 dessert (which is usually fruits).

Spagetthi Carbonara
This spaghetti is a bit creamy and less taste for me. Maybe I don’t like to eat cream sauce. I like its mushroom and it has plenty of chicken slices inside. Make sure you eat is as fast as you can, if not the sauce will become thicken. Half way of eating this, I felt very full. All because of the creamy sauce… 🙂

Spaghetti with ham
I’ve tried another set of spaghetti which cooked with sliced of ham. It a little bit oily looking but I think it should be using olive oil to cook.

Thai Chicken
Another set which you can try out is the Thai Chicken with rice set. My colleague said it’s not spicy at all. It looked more like roasted chicken for me… hahaha…


The soup

The  Carbonated drink