Little Vietnam

The Little Vietnam in Mid Valley was located at 3rd floor. The restaurant was well decorated with some traditional stuffs at the side of the shop. However, this restaurant is closed now, no longer available in Mid Valley.

During my 1st visit to this restaurant with my colleagues, I was searching for meat balls noodle which I have tried before at another restaurant called, Vietnam Kitchen. However, I could not find anything similar here.

So, I tried this noodle which cooked with fried chicken and wanton noodle. The fried chicken in the soup made the clear soup became oily. The bean sprout is raw and separated from the noodle. You can dip into the soup and eat so that you would not feel raw eating it.

In my second visit, I tried this tomato noodle soup. Wah, it then became my favourite meal. I like this noodle because of its tomato soup base which has a lot of little tomatoes. This noodle has a prawn, some minced chicken, egg, crabstick and fried onion. The noodle type is beehoon (vermicelli) by default. I am not sure if you can request for other types of noodle but I personally feel the beehoon can adsorb the tomato soup and make it tastes good. It’s one of the must try whenever I visited this restaurant.

Then, I was introduced to their curry cheung fun. The gravy of the curry is thick and nice. The ingredients inside this bowl are quite reasonable with a lot of fried onion.

There was once, I tried their vegetarian style of curry chee cheung fun.

I do wish that I can find back something similar taste as what I have tried here. I am longing for the tomato soup noodle.