Armada Hotel

My second time visit to Armada Hotel at Petaling Jaya for high tea on 18th Jan 09

For RM38++ it is good for local food. Quite a number of varieties to choose from and some of them are quite nice to eat and some are just too plain. Quite like it because it offers unlimited fruit drink 🙂

Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Ipoh Chicken Rice

The Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant in Mid Valley is located at the Boulevard office blocks. It is somewhere nearby the Mid Valley centre court Starbucks.  I am not sure how original recipe of  this shop is.

Besides offering the roasted chicken and steamed chicken, they also have barbecue pork (char siew), roasted pork (siew yuk), pork balls and etc.

This is half roasted chicken and half steamed chicken’s portion.

The barbecue’s sauce is quite ok.

Fish and Pork Balls

Fish Cake

When it comes to chicken rice, we cannot miss out the bean sprouts. Ipoh’s bean sprouts is quite famous too.

I could not remember what style it was but this cram was nicely cooked. I hardly eat crams but I gave a go for this one.

There is another style of cooking crams available at this restaurant. I tried it during my another visit.

Roasted pork (siew yok)
Different style of cooking the roasted pork. It is quite crunchy when biting it. A bit taste like “kam heong”.

The rice portion is quite little. For guys, maybe you need to ask for extra 1 bowl of rice. Besides rice, you can opt for porridge or hor fun (keow teow).

Unfortunately, I passed by this restaurant on 1st November 2011 and I saw it has closed shop and their signboard was taken down too.

Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan has few branches in KL. It serves pork. I tried the Mid Valley branch on its first day of opening with my colleagues and something great happened on that afternoon. Everyone looked like “cried” after having their meals. It is because of the spicy soup based was too spicy. I think it was due to technical problem with its chef in the kitchen who did not know how spicy the soup was.

Luckily, I tried the Siew Ngo noodle. The fried siew ngo, a vegetarian food which usually eat during Chinese New Year or at vegetarian shops. Although the fried siew ngo is quite oily, it is nice to eat with the noodle. They did not put the siew ngo into the soup therefore, the soup is still clear.

Spicy Hot Ramen
Of course this noodle soup is spicy type but it has a lot of ingredients inside this noodle. You can find ramen noodle, bean sprouts, sweet corns, fish cakes, mushrooms and wood ear fungus (木耳). If you can eat spicy food you can try this noodle. It costs RM8.90. It comes in a set meal also. This is the spicy ramen that caused everyone looked “cried” that day.
Little Taiwan

Since then, no one dares to try it anymore. Then, on my next visit, I tried the Tan Tan Mian. It comes with a boiled egg cut into half, 2 pork balls, some minced meat and the noodle. The soup based is not oily and not salty but they put some white pepper.
Little Taiwan

Recently (end of the year of 2010) they came out with a new set lunch menu to choose. There are the three different set lunches.

Minced Meat with Vegetables
Little Taiwan
Salted Chicken with Vegetables
Little Taiwan
Taiwanese Sausage with Vegetable

Besides the new intro of the set menu, they also introduced other new food in their menu. This includes the mee suah with oysters, fried sweet potato and etc.
Little Taiwan

Other side orders that we have tried before:-

Peach Milk Tea with pearls

For more reviews about Little Taiwan, you may check out my posts below,

No. T023A, Third Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Lot 1.46, Food Republic, Level 1, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KFC Breakfast

I have tried some of their breakfast sets offer before this. Their sets come with a main dish and a drink. I wondered how come their breakfast sets’ response is not good compared to the McDonald. I ordered a set of nasi lemak with orange juice and a porridge with tea.

Nasi Lemak Set

The taste of the nasi lemak is similar to the normal nasi lemak which we can get it from the Malay stalls by the road side. The sambal is not spicy and the portion is quite normal that we can get in the stall. It gives an half of the boiled egg, few slices of cucumber and generous portion of anchovies but it does not have peanuts.

Porridge set
The porridge’s ingredients are a little bit lesser than the McDonald’s porridge and my opinion is it is not as good taste as the McDonald. Maybe it is because they did not add the sesame oil in the porridge which I think it would make the porridge tastes better. It looks pretty plain for me.

Here is the improved version of the porridge. The additional thing that it has in this version is anchovies. But still does not have sesame oil. With additional anchovies, it does make the porridge slightly better than the original version.

However, went I revisited KFC for breakfast set recently at the Maluri’s branch, their porridge version has changed and saddest part was the workers put so much water into the porridge, making it became Teow Chow porridge with chicken and sesame oil.

To compare with what they advertised:-

Next try is the twister. It is quite nice to eat with the sauce inside the roll.

Closer view of the twister,

AM Riser
I bought the colonel burger set at RM3.90 for their special breakfast promotion.


Cheesy Bun
It comes out with a new breakfast meal called the Cheessy Bun. Just put a piece of cheese on top of the bun only. As for me, it has nothing great and I feel the mayonnaise and egg combination is not good enough.

Orange Juice

Prince Cafe

Prince Cafe at Mid valley is located opposite of the Boulevard Hotel. It is another Hong Kong style restaurant in Mid Valley and its style is similarly to the Kim Gary which also in Mid Valley. However, it has been closed down for few years.

Most of its offers are set meals and their set comes with a drink and the main dish. They offer various types of food ranging from Chinese to Western food. The price is reasonable for the portion of food that they offer.

I pretty like their ice drinks either the “yin yong” (Mixed coffee and tea) or “lai cha” (tea) because their ice cubes are made of the drink itself.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
I tried their Yang Chow Fried Rice set and chose Green Tea as the drink.

Chopstick Noodle House

A Chinese restaurant which serves pork in Mid Valley. This restaurant offers both set meals and ala-carte menu. The set meals come with a main dish and a drink.

Szechuan Minced Meat Noodle
This noodle is not spicy but it is very oily because of the chili’s oily that they put into the noodle’s gravy while cooking. Minus the chili’s oily, this noodle is pretty okay to eat and the portion is just nice.

However, this restaurant has been closed in Mid Valley.

Rak Thai

It has been quite sometimes ago I visited the Rak Thai restaurant which is located at the lower ground of The Gardens. It is opposite the Eu Yang Sang, Chinese restaurant and next to Big Apple Doughnut. It is situated at a nice location, between The Gardens and Mid Valley.

At this restaurant you can listen to the Thai songs. It serves Thai food, ranging from rice, noodles to desserts and drinks. I have tried few of its dishes before this and my personal comments about this restaurant based on my past experiences are:-

1) It likes to use lemon grass, ginger and chili as the base of the food. You can smell the strong lemon grass when you are eating. If you’re eating soup based noodles be careful its cili padi and ginger.

2) Their drinks also have lemon grass leaves and smell.

3) Their food is quite oily as well (maybe I do not like to eat too much oily food).

Thai Fried Keow Teow

It puts a lot of red chili, lemon grass leaves, some dried shrimp and bean sprouts. The lemon grass leaves  make the noodle tastes different than any other fried keow teow and the red chilies make me feel hot. Can you see the amount of red chilies in this plate? The portion is enough for a person especially those who eat less.


Pineapple Fried Rice
It is common to order a pineapple fried rice when we visit Thai restaurant. For this pineapple fried rice, It looks quite oily. When I finished eating the rice, I could see the oily surface on the pineapple’s skin. The taste is ordinary and the portion is enough for one person.
Location :
LG232A, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.