C-Jade restaurant is a Hong Kong style restaurant, used to be in Mid Valley. This year, 2011, it has closed shop, left the only branch at The Gardens. It is quite famous with its char siew (barbeque pork) and siew yok (roasted pork ribs). However, I’m neither a fan of both.

Char Siew and Steamed Chicken rice (Siong Peng)
Combination of both barbeque chicken and steamed chicken rice is called “Siong Peng”. You can order roasted chicken if you prefer. You can choose other type of combinations from the menu list.

Rice with soup

It looks pretty plain with a lot of vegetable. I did not try it, so I am not sure how it tasted. By looking at this picture, I guess the portion is pretty big ya.

In my later visits, they started to introduce the set lunches. Here are some of the set lunches that my colleagues or myself have tried before this.

The Porridge Set
It comes with a big pot of porridge of your choice, sea coconut dessert and chee cheung fun. I cannot remember what my colleague has chosen for this porridge but from the picture itself, we can see that the porridge is very smooth (mein).
The Chee Cheung Fun with white sesame and peanut sauce. Am I saying something wrongly? Peanut sauce? It does taste weird for me to have peanut sauce on the Chee Cheung Fun.
The dessert – hot sea coconut.

Char Siew Noodle
The Char Siew Noodle appears to be oily because of its soup base.

Cart Noodle
Hong Kong’s famous food, cheh chai mee or Cart Noodle. The ingredients of this noodle are of your choices and you can pick it from the menu list. You pay as per selected items. It has 3 different types of noodles to be chosen; thick noodle (as shown in the picture below), thin noodle and hor fun (keow teow). I prefer the thick noodle over the thin noodle because the thin noodle will become soft after a while. I have chosen the curry fish ball and vegetables for my first try.

Sze Chuan Minced Meat Noodle
The gravy of this noodle is thick and tasty with quite a lot of minced meat together with vegetable. The noodle is the thinner type. When you mix everything together, it looks a bit dry and oily for me. Besides that, it  comes with a bowl of soup (as shown below).

You can request for chili if you want some spicy feel.


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