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Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan has few branches in KL. It serves pork. I tried the Mid Valley branch on its first day of opening with my colleagues and something great happened on that afternoon. Everyone looked like “cried” after having their meals. It is because of the spicy soup based was too spicy. I think it was due to technical problem with its chef in the kitchen who did not know how spicy the soup was.

Luckily, I tried the Siew Ngo noodle. The fried siew ngo, a vegetarian food which usually eat during Chinese New Year or at vegetarian shops. Although the fried siew ngo is quite oily, it is nice to eat with the noodle. They did not put the siew ngo into the soup therefore, the soup is still clear.

Spicy Hot Ramen
Of course this noodle soup is spicy type but it has a lot of ingredients inside this noodle. You can find ramen noodle, bean sprouts, sweet corns, fish cakes, mushrooms and wood ear fungus (木耳). If you can eat spicy food you can try this noodle. It costs RM8.90. It comes in a set meal also. This is the spicy ramen that caused everyone looked “cried” that day.
Little Taiwan

Since then, no one dares to try it anymore. Then, on my next visit, I tried the Tan Tan Mian. It comes with a boiled egg cut into half, 2 pork balls, some minced meat and the noodle. The soup based is not oily and not salty but they put some white pepper.
Little Taiwan

Recently (end of the year of 2010) they came out with a new set lunch menu to choose. There are the three different set lunches.

Minced Meat with Vegetables
Little Taiwan
Salted Chicken with Vegetables
Little Taiwan
Taiwanese Sausage with Vegetable

Besides the new intro of the set menu, they also introduced other new food in their menu. This includes the mee suah with oysters, fried sweet potato and etc.
Little Taiwan

Other side orders that we have tried before:-

Peach Milk Tea with pearls

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No. T023A, Third Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Lot 1.46, Food Republic, Level 1, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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