Rak Thai

It has been quite sometimes ago I visited the Rak Thai restaurant which is located at the lower ground of The Gardens. It is opposite the Eu Yang Sang, Chinese restaurant and next to Big Apple Doughnut. It is situated at a nice location, between The Gardens and Mid Valley.

At this restaurant you can listen to the Thai songs. It serves Thai food, ranging from rice, noodles to desserts and drinks. I have tried few of its dishes before this and my personal comments about this restaurant based on my past experiences are:-

1) It likes to use lemon grass, ginger and chili as the base of the food. You can smell the strong lemon grass when you are eating. If you’re eating soup based noodles be careful its cili padi and ginger.

2) Their drinks also have lemon grass leaves and smell.

3) Their food is quite oily as well (maybe I do not like to eat too much oily food).

Thai Fried Keow Teow

It puts a lot of red chili, lemon grass leaves, some dried shrimp and bean sprouts. The lemon grass leaves  make the noodle tastes different than any other fried keow teow and the red chilies make me feel hot. Can you see the amount of red chilies in this plate? The portion is enough for a person especially those who eat less.


Pineapple Fried Rice
It is common to order a pineapple fried rice when we visit Thai restaurant. For this pineapple fried rice, It looks quite oily. When I finished eating the rice, I could see the oily surface on the pineapple’s skin. The taste is ordinary and the portion is enough for one person.
Location :
LG232A, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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