Chinese Food, Lunch & Afternoon Tea, Non-Halal Food

Ipoh Chicken Rice

The Ipoh Chicken Rice restaurant in Mid Valley is located at the Boulevard office blocks. It is somewhere nearby the Mid Valley centre court Starbucks.  I am not sure how original recipe of  this shop is.

Besides offering the roasted chicken and steamed chicken, they also have barbecue pork (char siew), roasted pork (siew yuk), pork balls and etc.

This is half roasted chicken and half steamed chicken’s portion.

The barbecue’s sauce is quite ok.

Fish and Pork Balls

Fish Cake

When it comes to chicken rice, we cannot miss out the bean sprouts. Ipoh’s bean sprouts is quite famous too.

I could not remember what style it was but this cram was nicely cooked. I hardly eat crams but I gave a go for this one.

There is another style of cooking crams available at this restaurant. I tried it during my another visit.

Roasted pork (siew yok)
Different style of cooking the roasted pork. It is quite crunchy when biting it. A bit taste like “kam heong”.

The rice portion is quite little. For guys, maybe you need to ask for extra 1 bowl of rice. Besides rice, you can opt for porridge or hor fun (keow teow).

Unfortunately, I passed by this restaurant on 1st November 2011 and I saw it has closed shop and their signboard was taken down too.


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