Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Forgot when was the first time I visited this restaurant. I have tried few food and drinks during my visits. Some of them are quite nice to eat and unique for me and some others are just normal.

This drink is quite nice. It is  sour taste and nice blend. Pretty like the presentation which is in a mug.

The “lai cha”.

Sizzling pork chop with dessert and cream soup.
The desserts
The cream soup
The sizzling pork chop with fries and vegetables.

Chicken wing with cheese.

The Yin Yong (coffee mixed with tea) cold.

The Yin Yong hot.

Thedumpling noodle. Plain but the dumplings are big and filling too.

Ice Lemon Tea

Bread sticks with its sauce which tastes nice when you dip the stick into the sauce before eating it.

Baked cheese rice with cream soup.
Baked cheese rice. I have forgotten what ingedients and sauce inside this baked cheese rice.

Fried XO Cheung Fun. The portion is quite little as compared to the above one.

Honey Pork Noodle. The pork is nicely marinated with honey so it tastes good. It has a lot of sauce mixed with honey making the noodle tastes good too. The only drawback is the portion is quite little.

Mashed potato is not as good as the KFC mashed potato. I can taste it puts a lot of pepper into the sauce.

Soyabean noodle with minced pork. It is a dried noodle with black sauce. When you eat just mix the minced pork with the noodle.

Chicken burger. As I see the design is quite nice. Nothing much to say.

Lot 6.01.E(1), Level 6, Pavilion Mall, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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