Planters’ Inn

If you are looking for nice buffet lunch and you don’t mind to pay a little bit more expensive, Planters’ Inn at Crown Plaza Hotel at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, is another good choice to choose. It is situated in front of the  Sultan Ismail monorail station and next to the Wisma Genting. The area is spacious and it has various type of food to choose. There are 3 different food sections;

1) Main dishes, soups & breads, raw food & vegetable, fruits, ice-cream
2) A row of desserts
3) Chinese food, japanese food and western food corners

This is my second visit to Planters’ Inn. I found out that there are many people who like to queue up to get a bowl of ginseng boiled soup. I have to request from the chef at the Chinese section as they need to take it out from the steamed wok. Drink it while hot, it’s good for health. There are other types of soups available in the main dishes section.

If you want to try their dim sum, I think it’s pretty disappointed because I found that their dim sum is not good enough. Personally, I didn’t feel it’s nice to eat.

Next, you can try their raw osyter, prawn and sashimi. If you don’t like to eat raw osyter or prawn, you can ask the chef from the teppanyaki section to cook it for you. Other than that, you can have chicken teppanyaki and tempura at the japanese section.

Usually, you can find satay in the main section. They have chicken and beef satay. I like to eat the chicken satay because it’s juicy and their sauce is tasty.

Then, I tried out their spagetthi at the western section. It has nothing special, you can pick and choose what types of ingrediants that you want to cook together with the spagetthi.

Lastly, I tried their desserts. As usual, cake is not my main target. I tried their ice-cream selection. I am not sure whether the ice-cream is home-made or bought from any ice-cream makers but I like its peach ice-cream. It is unique, tasted good and yummy. So far, I don’t see other places offer peach favour ice-cream.

Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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