I eat vegetarian food almost once a week for my dinner on every Saturday’s night at one of the vegetarian shops in Pandan Jaya. I discovered this vegetarian restaurant few years back during the Chinese New Year where it offered various Chinese New Year’s vegetarian dishes. The price is reasonable and the taste is okay, nothing fantastic. The prices start from RM5.50 per meal.

Cantonese Fried Noodle
Generous portion of noodle, ingredients and thick gravy. You can try to order this when you are very hungry.


Chicken with Bittergourd Rice

I also tried this Claypot Yee Mee. It has few slices broccoli, cauliflower,  mushroom, carrots, beancurd and vegetables inside this hot claypot. It serves with thick soup based. It is very filling 🙂

Another food that is quite filling is this Hokkien Sang Mee. It is wanton noodle with vegetables in black soy sauce. The portion is quite okay. I think they gave me two wanton noodles because the portion is quite big, however, the second time I ordered this noodle, the portion has reduced to smaller size.

Another dish that you can try is the vegetarian Bah Kut Teh with Rice. Haha, it is pretty plain one and sometimes the Bah Kut Teh soup is not strong taste enough as the real one. And at times, the ingredients inside the claypot are quite little.

Besides that, another good try is the Chicken Rice. The chicken rice tastes nice and the portion is just good enough. It consists of the vegetarian chicken and vegetarian barbecue pork and some cucumber slices and tomato slices. It comes with a bowl of soup.

I also tried the Assam Laksa. It tastes similarly to the actual Assam Laksa but I feel the ingredients should be more since it is vegetarian because Assam Laksa should have a lot of shredded cucumber, pineapples and onions.

Fish Head Meehoon is my all times favourite. The soup based is quite similar but they did not use milk. The ingredients are vegetarian fish, beancurd, “ham choi”, slices of tomatoes and some vegetables.

Another good try for vegetarian food is at another vegetarian shop located not far from this shop. It sells everything in RM2.00 which you can get 3 dishes with rice or noodle. It also sells other types of noodles at the same price. But now, this vegetarian shop does not offer three dishes for fried noodle. You can choose one extra dish only.


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