Noodle Station

I went to try out this new noodle house called, Noodle Station at the level 2 of the Mid Valley. It is quite a lot of people during the lunch time and we managed to get a place to sit down and order our food. The place is quite spacious and quiet too.

They have a various types of noodles and rice. If you pick rice, I think there is only fried rice is available with different combination. If you choose noodle, you can choose either you want it with soup, dry or garlic sauce. It sounded interesting to me at first when I saw it has garlic sauce. However, I chose the normal one.

Fried Noodle
The portion has been reduced a bit from the early visits. I tried this fried noodle style but it is a disappointing one for me because it did not taste much for me and not much ingredients inside. I do wish they will improve the quality of this noodle.
Noodle Station

Toast with Butter and Kaya
I tried the toast with butter and kaya. I did not expect that their toast is not something similar to those toasts that we buy from kopitiam. The bread was not spread with butter and kaya before toasted. Again, it did not give me great satisfaction also.
Noodle Station

Shredded Chicken with dumplings Noodle
It has plenty of vegetable and seaweed inside this noodle. The texture of the noodle is just nice and it is not too soft. But I think it lacked of chilies with soya sauce, needed it because the shredded chicken were quite plain.
Noodle Station

Springy Noodle With Prawns
Finally, I found out the actual name of this dish. Haha it is not called Meal Number 9. I just do not remember what it called.
Noodle Station

I tried the fried Keow Teow for a change.
Noodle Station

Tom Yam Noodle (Dry version)
Noodle Station
Other food that ordered by my colleagues and I have not tried yet, Spicy Trio Springy Noodle
Noodle Station

Ice Cream as Dessert
Strawberry ice cream.
Noodle Station

Location :
S-069, Second floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Societe Cafe

Societe Cafe used to be located at Lot 10. It offered both local and western food. I have tried this restaurant for few times. The interior of this restaurant was quite old fashion. Their food quite were nice and I feel quite worth of money too. However, they have moved out from Lot 10 and heard they were relocated at Starhill. Until now, I still have not found this restaurant yet.

Grilled Fish

Nasi Goreng Kampung

It was quite big portion and nice to eat. Good try.

Hakka Choi Poh Noodle

Fried Grass Noodle

Sushi King

I tried some of the Sushi King’s food at few different branches before. Here is some of the pictures that I have taken.

Salmon with Fried Garlic Rice
This was a special promotion for last November 2009. It has 2 pieces of cooked salmon with a fried egg underneath the salmons. The fried rice smelt nice because it fried with garlic.

Black Pepper Udon (RM9.90)


Saba Udon


Teriyaki Salmon and Terikyaki Saba
Both teriyaki tasted good and it will be better if you add additional teriyaki sauce on you own. It has some cabbage and onions underneath it.

Curry Udon
Do not look down at this small bowl of curry udon. I felt filling after finished this noodle. I quite like it ­čÖé

From their set menu, you can find the following set which consists of Japanese wheat noodle, rice, tempura and salad. It also comes with a cold Yakult drink. The noodle is quite soft and have to eat it fast with its soup.

Tempura Bento

Softshell Crab Handroll

Tuna Sushi

Mashed Potatoes Sushi(RM2.00)

Raw Fish Sushi(RM3.00)

Sunflower Brasserie

This is my first visit to this restaurant at Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur which is located next to the Federal Hotel. I supposed to eat at another restaurant in this hotel, however, the restaurant was closed during the weekends… Funny right?

Anyway, when we reached the place, there was no one in the restaurant and an Indian waiter served us. As we were waiting for another one to come to join us, we looked at the menu. Wow! I felt the food there is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants at normal eating place. Maybe this is the “hotel price”.

Did not know whether it is worth or not but still gave a try by ordering a vegetarian fried noodle, a Nasi Goreng Special, an half of dozen of satay and a Fish and Chips.

Vegetarian Fried Noodle (RM18)
The vegetarian fried noodle is just like normal fried noodle that we usually get to eat out there. SInce it is vegetarian, it has vegetables only like cabbage, carrot, bean sprout and sawi. I did not see any vegetarian meat inside, just vegetables only! I think the cost of this fried noodle is not more than RM2.00 including oil and gas to cook it!

Nasi Goreng Special (RM22)
This fried rice is a malay style fried rice with 2 sticks of satay, acar, prawns, rendang chicken, egg and some crackers. The taste is quite okay only.

Satay (RM12)
For 6 sticks of Satay, it costs RM12. This is very expensive!!! How much it costs for the famous Kajang Satay?

Fish and  Chips (RM22)
This Fish and Chip looks ok and quite a lot of chips but only few pieces of fish fillet.

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