Sunflower Brasserie

This is my first visit to this restaurant at Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur which is located next to the Federal Hotel. I supposed to eat at another restaurant in this hotel, however, the restaurant was closed during the weekends… Funny right?

Anyway, when we reached the place, there was no one in the restaurant and an Indian waiter served us. As we were waiting for another one to come to join us, we looked at the menu. Wow! I felt the food there is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants at normal eating place. Maybe this is the “hotel price”.

Did not know whether it is worth or not but still gave a try by ordering a vegetarian fried noodle, a Nasi Goreng Special, an half of dozen of satay and a Fish and Chips.

Vegetarian Fried Noodle (RM18)
The vegetarian fried noodle is just like normal fried noodle that we usually get to eat out there. SInce it is vegetarian, it has vegetables only like cabbage, carrot, bean sprout and sawi. I did not see any vegetarian meat inside, just vegetables only! I think the cost of this fried noodle is not more than RM2.00 including oil and gas to cook it!

Nasi Goreng Special (RM22)
This fried rice is a malay style fried rice with 2 sticks of satay, acar, prawns, rendang chicken, egg and some crackers. The taste is quite okay only.

Satay (RM12)
For 6 sticks of Satay, it costs RM12. This is very expensive!!! How much it costs for the famous Kajang Satay?

Fish and  Chips (RM22)
This Fish and Chip looks ok and quite a lot of chips but only few pieces of fish fillet.

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