Sushi King

I tried some of the Sushi King’s food at few different branches before. Here is some of the pictures that I have taken.

Salmon with Fried Garlic Rice
This was a special promotion for last November 2009. It has 2 pieces of cooked salmon with a fried egg underneath the salmons. The fried rice smelt nice because it fried with garlic.

Black Pepper Udon (RM9.90)


Saba Udon


Teriyaki Salmon and Terikyaki Saba
Both teriyaki tasted good and it will be better if you add additional teriyaki sauce on you own. It has some cabbage and onions underneath it.

Curry Udon
Do not look down at this small bowl of curry udon. I felt filling after finished this noodle. I quite like it 🙂

From their set menu, you can find the following set which consists of Japanese wheat noodle, rice, tempura and salad. It also comes with a cold Yakult drink. The noodle is quite soft and have to eat it fast with its soup.

Tempura Bento

Softshell Crab Handroll

Tuna Sushi

Mashed Potatoes Sushi(RM2.00)

Raw Fish Sushi(RM3.00)


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