Madam Wong

After the birthday celebration with friends, we went to this restaurant called Madam Wong at Sungai Wang Plaza to have our tea time. I was quite full so we decided to share the sets and ordered 2 sets from the menu after a series of discussions.

We picked the mapo taufu, assam fish and braised egg (egg boiled in the herbal soup). This set comes with rice, a drink and a free soup. All these are quite small in portion (just like a normal rice bowl).

The mapo tauhu with minced meat in the thick gravy.
I like this assam fish because of the spiciness of the assam sauce. The slices of fish were quite generous. However, I limited my intake to avoid heaty later.

The half braised egg with tauhu.
And the plain soup.

The second set, we ordered a dish called Three Cup of Wines Chicken. Of course, it has a proper name for it but I did not remember it anymore. It consists of a claypot of chicken cooked with 3 types of chinese wines, a boiled soup, 3 side dishes and a bowl of rice with minced pork on top of it.
This is how the entire set looked like.
Close up picture of the Three Cup of Wines Chicken.
The white rice with minced pork.
The side dishes are spring rolls, braised egg and acar. All tasted so-so only.
Finally, the boiled soup.

AS 114, 2nd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nippon Tei

Nippon Tei, a Japanese restaurant used to be at KLCC. It is just next to the Sakae Sushi which was also used to be at KLCC’s top floor. Both restaurants have been closed for quite some time ago. I went there during the dinner time to celebrate belated birthday with my cousin.

Our initial plan was to eat at the Sakae Sushi but at that time, a lot of people were waiting in queue so we tried Nippon Tei which we did not have to queue at all. Nippon Tei’s concept was different than the normal one where you can see the sushi plates on the rolling belt along the seats.

Nippon Tei was a bit classy Japanese restaurant and the ambience was great to private dinners. Its price was a little higher than normal sushi restaurants. Although the price was expensive, I found out that the portion of the food was reasonable and nice too. It was worth for money!

We ordered one set each person and have hot ocha. The ocha is free :


I ordered the Saba Steak for my first try. Wow, the portion was so big with a lot of side dishes 🙂 The main dish, saba fish.


The side dishes:- Salad and fruits
And white Japanese rice.

The other food that we ordered were chicken set which has the same side dishes as the saba steak and noodle – udon. Both of these food were served in the claypot.


The nearest A & W in my area was located at the KLCC but now it has moved to Bukit Bintang. Everytime I get the A & W food vouchers, I will go to KLCC to get my meal. It has another branch at PJ near the Taman Jaya Putra Station. It is kind of far for me to go to PJ.

The Famous Root Bear
It is nice to drink it when it is cold. Yummy…


The waffle with butter and syrup

The Curly Fries
Personally, I prefer its curly fries over the normal fries because it tastes better than the fries, maybe it has added something into the onion rings’ flour and it is not too hard to eat.

Chicken Burger
The taste of this chicken burger is quite ok. Can give a try again next time when I visit the restaurant again.

The new location at Bukit Bintang, No 118 Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is located next to the McDonald. You will not miss it for sure!

Genki Sushi

The Genki Sushi, a Japanese restaurant used to be at the KLCC’s top floor but it has been closed down for few years already. For the first time trying this Japanese restaurant, we ordered few different sushi to try.


Then, I ordered another food to try. I forgot what is the name of this ramen. The soup is quite ok and it is not too oily. This ramen has half of the boiled egg, some chicken, some fish cake, seaweed and spring onion.

The only unique thing that I found out from this Japanese restaurant was the hot green tea. Each customer can make their own hot green tea with the green tea powder and hot water providede at each table.

Now, this restaurant is replaced by the Sakae Sushi.

Wild Rice

The Wild Rice is located at level 9, The Bouvelard Hotel at Mid Valley (North side of Mid Valley). It is a 24-hour restaurant and very spacious. It offers quite big range of food – from local delicacies to the western cuisine and desserts. They have quite a lot of desserts to try on if you are going after desserts.

Besides that, you can make your cup of coffee or tea from the coffee making machine. This machine is just the normal coffee making machine that you can find it in your office.

The following are the food that I have tried which included the porridge, prawn noodle, local food, fish and chips, salads and some cold meat. For desserts, I tried their blueberry cake and for drinks, I tried their teh tarik and boh teh.

Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hotel Istana

One of the most worthy Eat All You Can Dim Sum was at this Chinese restaurant at Hotel Istana. I could not recall its name and how much it costed. However, this restaurant has been closed down quite some time ago. It is quite nice buffet dim sum in the town and it would be great if you go with a bunch of people. It is because you can try varies types of dim sum.

You can order any types of dim sum, both steamed and fried, noodles, rice, vegetable and desserts from the given menu. I was not sure whether the given menu was the normal dim sum menu or it is specially for Eat All You Can. You can order as many as you like but remember not to waste the food. It was really unlimited!

We ordered few rounds. Our first try was the steamed dim sum. It consisted of siew mai, fu chuk rolls, glutinous rice and spicy dumpling. Each of the dim sum basket consisted of 3 pieces dim sum. So, you can try to order 1 basket per type to try out before ordering additional ones.

The second round, we tried the chu cheung fun. They have few different types of ingredients inside the cheung fun to try out, so you can choose according to your preferences. Also, we ordered some fried dim sum to try out.

Ops! I just forget… It was a non-Halal Chinese restaurant. So, it serves pork besides chicken and seafood They put quite a lot of fresh prawn with combination of pork meat inside some of the dim sum. It made the dim sum more delicious.

Other type of dim sum that we also tried were the fried carrot cake, fish balls, and many more. I liked all of them.

After tried so various types of dim sum, we tried the fried noodle and fried rice. We ordered their special fried rice and noodle and shared out the portion together. We were quite surprised that the portion was same as normal portion. They would have given us  small plate of fried rice and fried noodle. We have tried the porridge as well. It has few different types of porridge and we tried each of it. Again, we shared out the portions together.

Finally, we tried the dessert which included the fruits, woh tip, kwai lin guo and other tong sui.

The following is some of the dim sum, noodles  and desserts that we have.

Sadly, this Chinese restaurant no longer available at Hotel Istana.


Benkay – the Japanese restaurant at the formerly known as Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, next to the Citibank at Jalan Ampang. This hotel has been renamed and now it is called, InterContinental Hotel. And, this Japanese restaurant has been closed down too.

I quite like this restaurant because the food presentation was awesome. I believed the chefs of this restaurant put all his hearts to prepare each dishes to their customers. I have tried this restaurant for 2 times and this was the second and last visit.


Green Tea
This green tea is free of charge. You can choose between hot and cold ocha.

Tofu (Beancurd)
The Japanese style of cooking the beancurd. It tasted good with the Japanese light soya sauce.

Saba Set
I ordered the saba set which has quite a lot of side dishes such as salad, miso soup, chawanmusi, tempura, a small plate of sashimi and pickles and fruits. The saba fish was cooked with teriyaki sauce. Good try!