Chinese Food, Non-Halal Food

Sek Hou

If you are at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur and you are looking for a Chinese restaurant where you have plenty of choics to choose, I recommend you to visit Sek Ho. It is a Chinese restaurant located at Level 3, next to the GSC cinema. It has ala carte and set meals offers. So, do take some time to choose which food you wish to try or eat because it does offer big ranges of different delicacies.

The ambience of the restaurant is not really great because it is facing the exit of the GSC cinema. It is quite a lot of people walking by this restaurant. As for the service, so far, it is just so-so. It is a typical Chinese restaurant that you can find it everywhere.

Pork Chop Udon
sekho2Thumbs up
I must recommend this noodle for those first timer and those who cannot decide what to eat. It gave 2 big pieces of pork chop. Good to try if it is still available in the menu. I tried it once few years ago. It would be better if they can cut the big pieces of pork chop into smaller pieaces so that we can eat is easily. Notice that the white noodle is quite thick? Yes, it is using Japanese udon noodle. So, it is very fillings 🙂

Sang Mee
Fried wanton noodle with some prawns and vegetables. It is commonly found at any outside hawker stall. Nothing much special about this fried noodle.

Seafood Fried Noodle

La Mian with wanton.
It comes with a bowl of soup if order the dry La Mian. The 4 wanton are quite big compared to the normal wanton noodle sells at the hawker stalls. It did not use the thick dark soya sauce. Overall, it does not look oily and the taste is just nice. Nothing special to mention.

Seafood Noodle in Tomato Sauce
It gives quite a lot of noodle and tomato sauce but the ingredients are quite little as per what you can see below.

Hutong Seafood La Mien in Claypot
Another recommendation for La Mien. It is quite filling with generous amount of noodle. Thick gravy with scrumptious seafood which includes squids, prawns, crab sticks and fish fillets.
Thumbs up

Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage

Common Chinese fried rice and this one uses the Chinese dried sausage (lap cheong).

Fish with oat
It is a quite special dish in which the fried fish fillets is covered with oats. It is quite healthy food and not oily.

Yin Yong

03-111, 3rd Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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