Hotel Istana

One of the most worthy Eat All You Can Dim Sum was at this Chinese restaurant at Hotel Istana. I could not recall its name and how much it costed. However, this restaurant has been closed down quite some time ago. It is quite nice buffet dim sum in the town and it would be great if you go with a bunch of people. It is because you can try varies types of dim sum.

You can order any types of dim sum, both steamed and fried, noodles, rice, vegetable and desserts from the given menu. I was not sure whether the given menu was the normal dim sum menu or it is specially for Eat All You Can. You can order as many as you like but remember not to waste the food. It was really unlimited!

We ordered few rounds. Our first try was the steamed dim sum. It consisted of siew mai, fu chuk rolls, glutinous rice and spicy dumpling. Each of the dim sum basket consisted of 3 pieces dim sum. So, you can try to order 1 basket per type to try out before ordering additional ones.

The second round, we tried the chu cheung fun. They have few different types of ingredients inside the cheung fun to try out, so you can choose according to your preferences. Also, we ordered some fried dim sum to try out.

Ops! I just forget… It was a non-Halal Chinese restaurant. So, it serves pork besides chicken and seafood They put quite a lot of fresh prawn with combination of pork meat inside some of the dim sum. It made the dim sum more delicious.

Other type of dim sum that we also tried were the fried carrot cake, fish balls, and many more. I liked all of them.

After tried so various types of dim sum, we tried the fried noodle and fried rice. We ordered their special fried rice and noodle and shared out the portion together. We were quite surprised that the portion was same as normal portion. They would have given us  small plate of fried rice and fried noodle. We have tried the porridge as well. It has few different types of porridge and we tried each of it. Again, we shared out the portions together.

Finally, we tried the dessert which included the fruits, woh tip, kwai lin guo and other tong sui.

The following is some of the dim sum, noodles  and desserts that we have.

Sadly, this Chinese restaurant no longer available at Hotel Istana.


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