Nippon Tei

Nippon Tei, a Japanese restaurant used to be at KLCC. It is just next to the Sakae Sushi which was also used to be at KLCC’s top floor. Both restaurants have been closed for quite some time ago. I went there during the dinner time to celebrate belated birthday with my cousin.

Our initial plan was to eat at the Sakae Sushi but at that time, a lot of people were waiting in queue so we tried Nippon Tei which we did not have to queue at all. Nippon Tei’s concept was different than the normal one where you can see the sushi plates on the rolling belt along the seats.

Nippon Tei was a bit classy Japanese restaurant and the ambience was great to private dinners. Its price was a little higher than normal sushi restaurants. Although the price was expensive, I found out that the portion of the food was reasonable and nice too. It was worth for money!

We ordered one set each person and have hot ocha. The ocha is free :


I ordered the Saba Steak for my first try. Wow, the portion was so big with a lot of side dishes 🙂 The main dish, saba fish.


The side dishes:- Salad and fruits
And white Japanese rice.

The other food that we ordered were chicken set which has the same side dishes as the saba steak and noodle – udon. Both of these food were served in the claypot.


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