Madam Wong

After the birthday celebration with friends, we went to this restaurant called Madam Wong at Sungai Wang Plaza to have our tea time. I was quite full so we decided to share the sets and ordered 2 sets from the menu after a series of discussions.

We picked the mapo taufu, assam fish and braised egg (egg boiled in the herbal soup). This set comes with rice, a drink and a free soup. All these are quite small in portion (just like a normal rice bowl).

The mapo tauhu with minced meat in the thick gravy.
I like this assam fish because of the spiciness of the assam sauce. The slices of fish were quite generous. However, I limited my intake to avoid heaty later.

The half braised egg with tauhu.
And the plain soup.

The second set, we ordered a dish called Three Cup of Wines Chicken. Of course, it has a proper name for it but I did not remember it anymore. It consists of a claypot of chicken cooked with 3 types of chinese wines, a boiled soup, 3 side dishes and a bowl of rice with minced pork on top of it.
This is how the entire set looked like.
Close up picture of the Three Cup of Wines Chicken.
The white rice with minced pork.
The side dishes are spring rolls, braised egg and acar. All tasted so-so only.
Finally, the boiled soup.

AS 114, 2nd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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