Amarin Thai

I feel the Amarin Thai at the Level 2, Mid Valley is the Truly Thai Food restaurant. This restaurant gives me a real taste of Thai food and I personally like this restaurant more than the Rak Thai and Flying Chili’s at The Gardens.

So far, I have visited this restaurant for three times during the lunch time and I tried the set lunch during my first visit. The set lunch came with a drink, which I forgot its name and it tasted sour for me.

Then, the main dish. It has some fried cubed chicken meat in Thai style with a fried egg (sunrise) on top of the rice. Oh, if you feel you want to add extra rice, you can do so and it is free and unlimited scoop of rice.

Next, is the Tom Yam soup. It is very spicy for me but I do not know for other people. Inside this bowl of soup, it included the fish, squild and prawn. It is quite generous portion. Thumb up!

Lastly, the dessert which is made of chestnut and jackfruit (nangka). I quite like this dessert it is quite common in any Thai restaurants, unfortunately, I cannot recall its name.

You may check out my other reviews about Amarin Thai,

S045, Level 2, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Near the Oasis Food Court)


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  2. Pingback: Amarin Thai | Li Yen's Food-prints

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