Kenny Rogers

Normally, everyone likes to order is the quarter chicken with 3 side dishes and a muffin of your favour. So, I do. You can choose either you want a black pepper chicken or original chicken. And for the side dishes, you can choose from the menu. They offer a wide range of side dishes selections. The muffin’s favours are vanilla, banana or chocolate.

And the end product will look similarly as below:-

Of course, you will not be getting five muffins if you are ordering one set of quarter chicken but you can add on 🙂

They also offer some new sets which is worth to try out. So far, I have tried the spaghetti set and the sandwiches set. You can choose what type of spaghetti you want, either with chicken or beef. If you choose chicken meat, then you will be getting quarter chicken and a side dish. It looked smaller portion than the original set but it is still filling too.

Hey, how come the above picture is showing two different type of pasta? I am not crazy by ordering pasta as my side dish but they served me with a wrong side dish. Then, I told the waiter that he made a mistake and he said it was their fault and he gave me another side dish (the salad which I ordered earlier) as replacement. Haha, at least this is what we called it as good service.

And then, the sandwich – Chicken Panini Sandwich. This is their healthy meal set that they introduced. A completely different than the usual Kenny Rogers sets. I am not sure whether it is still available in their menu. It is quite filling too with generous ingredients inside. I thought I need to add tomato sauce but actually it tasted good. Just nice!

03-98, 3rd Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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