Madam Kwan’s

My first try at the Madam Kwan’s restaurant for lunch gave me a good impression. Before this, I was told that Madam Kwan’s food is quite expensive than before this. It’s true. Almost everything that we eat nowadays has increased its prices.

Madam Kwan’s has few branches and I tried this at the Bangsar Village. I was recommended to try their signature dish Nasi Bohari.

Nasi Bohari
Looking at its size in the menu, I think I would not be able to finish it. So, I didn’t order it. This is the look of Nasi Bohari. If you don’t eat beef, you can opt for chicken. They replaced the beef with rendang chicken which tasted good too. Then, it has some assam prawns. Quite fresh and tasty too. Some cucumbers, tomato slices and half of the boiled egg as garnish. The nicest one is the drumstick.

Drumstick close up
Oh my God. This drumstick is crispy and tastes good, a lot better than the KFC one. It really has the home-cooked taste drumstick because the meat is marinated nicely before fried. Usually I don’t eat the chicken skin but this skin is crispy and not oily. It is still crispy after a while but it’s good to eat while it’s hot.

Curry Laksa
This noodle is nice too. The laksa is rich with santan. It does not look watery like those normal stalls sell at food court. Similarly with the one from Malacca Jonket street. You can choose to have yellow noodle or meehoon or mixed. Inside the noodle, it has some chicken, 2 prawns, beansprout and beancurd. To make it tastes better, squeeze some limau kasturi juice into the soup and add shrimp paste.

Ice Kacang
After having hot stuff, order a bowl of Ice Kacang helps to reduce your body heat. Quite a lot cendol inside with cincau, nuts, raisins, red beans and sweet corns.


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