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Lot 10 Hutong

After the closing down of the Lot 10 Hawker stalls about 1 year ago, it came out with a new concept. With the new idea, they bring in some of the most famous food in Malaysia. It turns out to be a high class food court. It’s non-halal food court.

The minimum price for a meal at this food court is around RM7.90. They do serve desserts and drinks. Here is some of the food that I have tried so far.

Kam Lian Kee Hokkien Noodle
This is one of the famous hokkien noodle stall at Petaling street. In Lot 10, they offer two type of fried noodles, the Hokkien fried noodle and the Cantonese fried noodle.

The portion of this Hokkien fried noodle is rather small. I think it is because each time they cook it for two portions and separate it into two plates when it is done. Uneven portion could happen in such a case πŸ˜›

If you are ordering the Cantonese fried, the portion is reasonable because it has quite a lot of gravy.

Both noodles are well done (enough “wok hei”). Good to try.

In addition, they sell dessert too. The “lin koh” sandwiches in between of the sweet potato and yam. It is a nice delicacy and not many places you can find this.

This is how it looks like when you bite it πŸ™‚

Soong Kee Beef Noodle
Another famous one from Petaling street. It is using the wanton noodle as the base of the noodle and it is dry type. They spread some minced pork on top of the noodle and they also give you a bowl of soup. Its standard set comes with 6 pieces of pork balls.

If you want to compare with Shin Kee Beef Noodle, this meatballs are a bit harder and Shin Kee beef noodle can choose have other types of noodle instead of just wanton noodle. Β It is definitely two different style of beef noodles and both are nice to try.

Hon Kee Porridge
It’s from a famous porridge stall at Petaling street. This stall offers set orders as well as ala-carte. One of the set orders is the mixed porridge. It consists a few ingredients inside the thick, smooth porridge. As shown below, it consists of quarters of century egg, sliced chicken, pork balls and raw fish. You can order a bowl of porridge with individual ingredients.

Other add-ons are available. One of it is the yao tiu. It goes well with porridge. It’s very filling after finish eating this bowl of porridge.

Fried Keow Teow
Just another fried kway teow. I think this is not the Penang fried kway teow because it tried this back in year 2010 when there was no Penang food stall in Lot 10 Hutong.

Pork noodle
It says it is from Jalan Imbi and I wondered which kopitiam it means. I guess this stall should from the shop opposite the Honda car showroom in Jalan Imbi. It gives generous amount of noodle and pork balls. You can choose either soup based or dry type. If you order the dry type, you’ll be given a bowl of soup as shown below. The taste of the soup is good enough to ask for more.

Loh Mee
A pretty big bowl of Loh Mee. It uses the thick yellow noodle with some thick gravy. Besides the 2 prawns, it has same meat and meatball inside. Nothing much special.

This set comes with a spring roll and soup.

Lower ground floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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