Esquire Kitchen

I went to the Esquire  Kitchen for a few occasions and I’ve tried different sets offered by the restaurant. It’s a Chinese restaurant that serves pork. Eating here, you can find those famous food such as Tong Poh Yuk and mantao and Xiao Long Bao too.

Fried fish in Thai sauce
Do you notice that there are some french fries on top of the fish? Look weird to me but in another way, it’s quite unique too. I like its Thai sauce.

Japanese Beancurd
It’s just a normal dish. I like it has the “dao gan“.

Sweet and sour fish
I’m not sure what type of fish they used to cook this dish, it tastes good with the sweet and sour sauce. It garnishes with pineapple cubes, slices of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Usually we will eat the plain mantao with Tong Poh Yuk. Dip it into the Tong Poh Yuk’s sauce.

Tong Poh Yok
This small claypot of the Tong Poh Yuk.

Kwai lin guo

You can order drink and tea. For tea, it’s refillable.


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