Nice Soup Gang Restaurant

What an unique restaurant name which is located at Kepong. It is a Chinese restaurant that serves pork. It is my first time visit to this restaurant after a team activity in April. We have our lunch there and they have ordered the following dishes:-

Pork Rib
This pork rib is delicious and boneless.

Beancurd in Wok

Fried fish in sweet and sour sauce
The sweet and sour sauce is quite nice. It goes well with the fried fish.

Lemon Chicken
The basic lemon chicken.

Butter Prawn
It consists some of the prawns that we get from the prawn fishing activity this morning.


After eating so many of food, the bill came with a reasonable amount. It is quite well known that eating in Kepong is quite cheap.

8 Jalan Daya 11 Taman Daya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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