Restaurant Yat Mun

One of the Sunday afternoon, I travelled to Puchong to have lunch. I went to a Chinese restaurant which is located somewhere nearby Giant Puchong. This restaurant occupies the ground floor of 2 shoplots. There’s ample parking lots when we reached the restaurant.

There was not many people having lunch when we reached so it’s very easy to get place to sit down. Then, we quickly ordered our food because it’s already 1pm. Hungry… They have menu in both Chinese and English words and some pictures of the dishes.

They’ve some specialities such as Assam Fish which I saw the next table also ordered the same one. Quickly, our dishes were ready to eat.

People used to say spinach is a cheap vegetable but when it comes with this gravy, it is different. The gravy is just like soup. Nice to drink too because it contains a lot of Kei Chi. This dish is quite nice to eat.

Engplant with long bean
Another vegetable that we ordered. It looked quite dry and quite small in portion but it tasted quite ok.

Next is Japanese beancurd with minced pork in gravy.
The gravy taste was nice.

Paper wrapped Chicken with herbs.
It was steamed chicken with alot of Chinese herbs. The chicken was big and has juicy and smooth meat. Its gravy was nice too although it was a bit oily. All the Chinese herbs were inside the gravy. It is good to eat the steamed chicken with the gravy.

We ordered the Char Siew and Siew Yok too. As for me, I feel it’s quite fat for both Siew Yok and Char Siew. Maybe it’s because we didn’t specify to have less fat. For other people, it’s just nice.

And, I smelled the Assam Fish… wow, the portion is very big. I liked the sauce very much. Just the same as the one I had in Malacca last time.

Last dish, Lam Yu Chu Sau (Pork Hand). It’s not my favourite dish and I seldom eat this too. I tried some of its meat. It was fried until the skin was so crispy to bite.