Thai Fried Rice

Another try at the Pandan Jaya area. This time is the Thai food stall at Pandan Jaya Food court opposite the flats and behind the wet market.

For non spicy type of fried rice, can try order the Thai Fried Rice in Ladna Style. It has three types of meats inside which are the chicken cubes, squids and prawns. The Ladna gravy is something similar to the Cantonese Fried Noodle gravy except this is without egg.

I ordered the Parprik fried rice from this Thai food stall. The amount of rice is very generous. It costs RM5.00. You can order a large one, just add another 50 cents and 2 person can share it.

Closed up picture of the dish. Inside, it has some sliced chicken, squid, onions, cucumber and 2 prawns.

Just notice the slight differences in presentation for this two fried rice. It has been a year ago when I tried the Parprik fried rice.

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