A’Famosa Chicken Rice

At last, I went to try the A’Famosa Chicken Rice which is also located at Jonker street, few shops away from Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. During the peak hours, you still can find place to sit because they have plenty of big tables and if you don’t mind to share table with unknown people then you’re welcome in.

This shop offers more varieties than the other two shops. It has barbecue pork and siew yok. It has more vegetable selection as well. More interestingly, you can order ice kacang at this shop.

Roasted Chicken
You can choose either to get roasted chicken or steamed chicken. I still prefer to go for roasted chicken. It comes with soy sauce too. Overall, the chicken is quite a lot, I think it is a half chicken. The meat is not dry and still juicy.

Barbecue Pork

We ordered a plate of barbecue pork and also requested it be less fat. This is what we got. I quite like the barbecue sauce that they put on top of it.

White Fresh Tauhu
Simple dish that everyone knows how to cook it. It is fresh, smooth and tastes good with some fried onions. Of course, the tauhu is not made by themselves, you can find it at any supermarket. 🙂


Simple vegetable, choy sam, which is also quite simple to cook. They put some oyster sauce on top of the vegetable with some fried stuff. It is quite crunchy when I ate those fried little thing which I didn’t know what it is 🙂

Chung Wah Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice
I tried another chicken rice shop in Malacca. The shop is called Chung Wah Chicken Rice which is situated at Jonker street. I am not sure if this is the most famous one along the street because it has the longest queue among the three chicken rice shops along Jonker street.

This shop offers the most basic chicken rice. It has steamed chicken only with one type of rice, that is the rice balls. Of  course, they offers drinks as well 🙂

Rice Balls
Basically one person will get 5 rice balls. The waitress said, “it’s standard and if you want more you can order later”. Looked at five rice balls, I wondered if it is enough… 🙂

Steamed Chicken
Below is the steamed chicken with some soy sauce and sesame oils (I think) because it smelt nice. However, I think the sauce is not enough for me because steamed chicken itself has not much taste and needs this special sauce to bring up its taste.

The queue at the time I went to eat this chicken rice was similar to the picture below. It was about 11.00am when I reached there. So be earlier if you want to avoid the crowd at 12.oo noon to 1.00pm because the queue will be very long. You could end up standing beside the busy road next to the carpark.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice
About two years back, I went to Malacca with my ex-colleagues and we tried this chicken rice shop called Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. It is located at Jonker street. It considers as quite famous chicken rice shop along Jonker street.

We ordered a half steamed chicken, a plate of vegetables and a plate of  assam fish. The rice can be in the normal form or in the rice balls shape. Both give different textures and feeling when you eat it. Of course when you come here, most people will opt for rice balls.

The Assam Fish
I liked the assam fish a lot because of its sauce. I recommended people to try this assam fish after my first try. It has a very strong assam taste and I mixed the sauce with my rice balls.

Jonker 88

Jonker 88 is one of the famous eating shops in Jonker street. You must pay a visit to this shop and try their food and dessert. It’s a small shop so there is not many tables available. Sometimes, you have to share tables with other people. Either be there early to avoid the crowd in the afternoon or queue in the hot sun for a place 🙂

Rendang Chicken noodle
This is one of my favourite noodle. I like the rendang sauce which is thick and not too spicy. Just nice to mix it with the noodle. It will not look watery. The chicken quite big piece too sometimes.

You can opt for rice too if you wish. It’s same ingredients.

Fishball noodle
One of the cheap food to try in this shop. Although it’s cheap, the ingredients are pretty generous and quite filling too. Simple noodle.

Assam Laksa
Next try is the Assam Laksa. Again, the Assam soup based is quite thick.

Nyonya Curry Noodle
If can, try the nyonya curry as well because the sauce is pretty thick and nice. I like it. At one of the visits, I changed my mind to eat this instead of other food.

Fried Tauhu
They also sell side dishes and I tried the fried tauhu with fish paste stuffed inside the tauhu.

Ice Kacang
This is one of the must try dessert. The gula melaka is very rich. So, far I don’t get to find other shops that sell as nice as this one does.