Chili Espresso

Chili Espresso has 2 branches in KL, one is in KL Sentral and another branch is at the North Point, Mid Valley (which I’m not too sure because I’ve not been to the Mid Valley’s branch before this).

As usual, during the lunch time, the restaurant is crowded with people working around the KL Sentral. So be early with you want to have a seat or else you are going to wait for a while.

The price range is from average to above average and they offer set lunch as well. Most of the people will sit outside of the restaurant because it’s quite limited place inside there. However, the ambiance is still good and it’s not very warm sitting outside.

Fried Rice With Chicken
For me, it’s just another fried rice. Nothing special to share. 🙂

Fried Mamak Mee
One of the special ingredients that I found out inside this fried mamak mee is the potato. I hardly see any fried mamak mee with potatoes. I also get to eat some smashed peanuts inside the noodle. (Is it really has some?). It can be better if it’s a little bit drier. 🙂

Singaporean Fried Noodle
It is a simple Singaporean fried noodle with a lot of vegetables inside. Do not think that it is little quantity, it is quite a lot when you finish eating it.


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