I have been to the PappaRich at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley recently where I have tried few different delicacies offered by them. Let’s what I tried.

Dry Keow Teow with Foo Chuk and Shredded Chicken Meat
Kind of long name its has. The taste is just normal dry type of keow teow and nothing much to shout out. They give quite reasonable amount of ingredients such as bean sprouts, shredded steamed chicken meat and four pieces of foo chuk.

Fried Keow Teow
Next, I also tried the Fried Keow Teow. It is a bit spicy but bearable type, not too hot. It looks normal and just a little bit oily.

Dry Curry Keow Teow with Shredded Chicken
The 3rd try is the dry curry. I felt quite funny when the noodle was served because I expected it to be a curry noodle, drier curry type. However, it turned out to be something different. It’s dry noodle with black soy sauce with some curry sauce on top. 🙂

Fook Chuk Soup Noodle
It is a quite plain soup noodle.

Steamed Chicken with Dry Keow Teow
I think I ordered the wrong one because I seldom eat steamed chicken. Therefore, I have nothing much to comment except showing the picture 🙂

Honey Lemon Hot Drink
Having a little sore throat, drink a hot honey lemon can help to smooth the throat a little bit.

Hainan Cham
Hot Hainanese coffee with tea.

Pepper Lunch

It was my first time trying the Pepper Lunch at the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The concept looks quite interesting to me and I suggested to my friends to have lunch there.

We got to try a few different sets from the menu.

This is the Salmon and Chicken set. It comes with a bowl of white rice. It needs to mix with the butter and let the almost cooked meat to finish cooking while the hot plate is still hot.

Then, I tried this Chicken set. It has some cubed chicken with fried rice. I can say it has a lot of black pepper on top of the fried rice. Also, I needed to mix it well with all the ingredients inside this hot plate.

And this is the Salmon set. It looks similarly to the chicken set as well.

Last set is this mixed chicken with vegetable. It has a lot of ingredients inside as you can see. In addition, it comes with a bowl of rice too.

We can add some side dishes or drink when we go for the set lunch. We chose to have the ice-creams and drinks. The choices of ice-creams are green tea powder and soya bean powder. The base of the ice cream is vanilla favour.

This is the restaurant at the Pavalion.

This is how the restaurant looks like from inside.