Manhattan Fish Market

It has been 2++ years I didn’t visit the Manhattan Fish Market. The last time I went there was my colleague’s and my birthday’s treat with my colleagues in Mid Valley.

On this visit at the Pavilion’s branch, I tried few different food.

Salad with Tuna Topping

Baked Dory Fish
It comes with streamed vegetables and garlic rice.

Fish and Chips

Fried Mushroom

Madras Lane

One of the famous places to eat at Petaling street – The Madras Lane “food court” or also known as Penjaja Gallery Jalan Sultan or Jalan Tun HS Lee.  It is quite confused but don’t worry it is just located behind the Kuan Tai Chinese temple.

Eating at this place you have to bear with one thing. It’s very important to understand their concept of seating arrangement. If you are sitting at the seats in front of or behind of the particular stall, you have to buy food from the stall  itself. If not, they will ask you to sit at somewhere even though there is no other seats available. You can say they are arrogant but they do not care.

Chee Cheung Fun with mixed sauce

Pork Ball Noodle

Yong Tau Fu

Another thing that I would like to share out here. Actually, I’m a little confused by its signboard. To go to this eating place, there are two different entrances.

From the main road, Jalan Tun HS Lee, you will see this signboard.

However, if you walk to the small lane next to the restaurant to go to this eating place, you will see another signboard with different road name.

Betty Kitchen

Betty Kitchen is located at the Cap Square, KL. It opens during weekdays and half day for Saturday. They close on every Sundays.

Fish and Chips

Dry Pan Mee
It comes with a bowl of soup and a half cooked egg. Having the egg is slight different than the normal Pan Mee that we have.

Carrot Juice

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is in Malaysia for quite long already and it is getting interests of many people to buy it too, just like any other doughnuts shops too. I went to the Berjaya Times Square’s branch to try their doughnuts and here is some of the pictures taken.

It has various favours to choose from. They look good.

The Original Grazed Doughnut
Don’t look down at this plain doughnut, it is very sweet and the amount of sugar blanketed the doughnut is more than enough to put in normal teh tarik. 🙂


Recent discovery: – Krispy Kreme came out with breakfast set which consists of a sandwich of your choice, a doughnut and a cup of drink of your choice.

Tuna Panini

Turkey Ham Sandwich

Part of the interior design of the Krispy Kreme’s branch at Berjaya Times Square.


The Gasonline restaurant at Sungai Wang Plaza, 6th Floor. It has few branches around KL/PJ. When I went to visit this place, it was having the “Halloween” theme.

Here are the food that I have tried.

Fried Rice with Fish Fillet
It’s quite salty (I think the amount of MSG inside the fried rice is not mixed well). Overall, the fish fillet is nice and the amount of the fried rice is just enough.

Ham and Egg Noodle
Just a simple noodle with ham and egg.