Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant

I am attracted by The Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant‘s recent promotions banner at the Mid Valley, Level 3, near the Carls Jr. fast food outlet. I decided to try it out with my colleagues and have been there for few times.

I tried one of the their recent set lunch offers, the Tau Fu Jjikeh (Baked taufu, soya bean paste and vegetable). This set comes with a bowl of rice and 6 side dishes.
kyung joo korean restaurant
Kyung Joo

I noticed that the presentation of the side dishes are different than the previous visits, what I meant was reduced. For this promotion set, the side dishes are not refillable.

Kim Chi Stew
kyung joo korean restaurant
Another set lunch promotion offer which I tried a month ago, the Kimchi Stew. There is an option to choose either you want to have beef, chicken or pork for this dish. I tried the pork meat. It does come with side dishes:
Kyung Joo
This is what I meant by reduced or different. In both occasion, we are sharing our side dishes together. The first time visit, our side dishes are refillable.
Kyung Joo
The famous Korean (Instant) Noodle with seafood. It consists of some seaweeds, few prawns and some mushroom. I quite like the Korean noodle because it will not turn soft after it soaked in the soup for long time. It is a little spicy as usual. However, the prawns are not fresh.

Other dishes that we have tried after the promotions were:
Beef Hotplate
Kyung Joo
Ginseng Chicken Soup
kyung joo korean restaurant

Address: T-049, 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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