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Pulau Ketem Yong Tau Foo

I wanted to try out this Yong Tau Foo at The Gardens very long time ago but I felt it was quite pricey to eat Yong Tau Foo at the price of RM7.50 for a set of three pieces Yong Tau Foo with noodle/rice and a drink or RM8.90 for a set of five pieces Yong Tau Foo with noodle/rice and a drink.

It was then my colleagues asked to go for a try one day. I picked three Yong Tau Foo and chose meehoon with curry based. This is how it looked like.

Wow, to my surprise I liked and fell in love with its curry soup. Now, I think it is still worth to eat this Yong Tau Foo if you compare it with the Yong Tau Foo stall at Oasis food court in Mid Valley (in which the cheapest set is Rm4.90 for 3 pieces of Yong Tau Foo without any drink).

The amount of meat is generous and looks quite big piece. 🙂 They have different types of Yong Tau Foo to choose and they make it freshly everyday. Oh, forget to mention they give some bean sprout if you order noodle with curry based.

I have not tried the sweet sauce with chee cheung fun yet because I’m too obsessive with the curry soup! I cannot be sure whether this stall is Halal or not. This stall sells all Halal Yong Tau Foo!

Finally, one day I broke my record by having the clear soup based with kway teow. This is how it looks like. Do you notice the eggplant is quite big? Yes, it is the actual size and this is the only eggplant that I like to eat.
Thumbs up


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