Burger King

I could not recall when was the last time I had my Burger King. I went to this Burger King at Mid Valley with my colleagues. With only RM10.00 in my pocket (I didn’t not expect to go to Burger King for lunch at first), I searched for a meal that costs me less than RM10.00. Then, I found this Spicy Chick ‘N Crispy set which consists of a chicken burger, french fries and a carbonated drink. Simple set that can fill up my lunch 🙂
burger king
burger king

Grilled Mushroom Chicken
burger king
Another good try is this grilled chicken with mushroom burger. Although, it is a little saucy because of the mushrooms, it brings up a strong mushrooms’ taste. It comes with a set of french fries and carbonated drink.
burger king

On another visit with my colleagues, we bought the Chicken Fiesta Meal and shared among 3 of us. This set meal consists of a bottle of 1.5L F & N Strawberry drink, 3 Chicken Royale burgers, 3 boxes of French Fries and 6 Chicken Tenders. Obviously, 3 of us cannot finish it 😛
burger king
Address: Lot LG-059, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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