Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant is located at south court, 3rd floor, The Gardens. Their location is quite secluded but if you come from Iseten, you should be able to see it on your left hand side. I went there during my team lunch.

My first impression of this restaurant is a pretty elegant and high class with very comfortable interior design. When we stepped into this restaurant, it was quite empty. Hahaha… it does not mean, it is not good. It was because we went there at 1.30pm. We flipped through the big menu given to us by the beautiful waitress. It is quite hard to decide what we want to eat, either go by individual set and order side dishes or get a full set to share among us. We ordered hot green tea while checking through the menu.
YuzuFinally we decided to order individual sets and some side dishes. First side dish that came to us was the “spider web” sushi. Ehm… I have no idea why it is not in the shape. It consists of the soft shell crabs.

Next is unagi sushi with avocado.

Another side dish is the deep fried baby prawns.
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Wagyu Beef Cubes Don I don’t know how it tastes even though I took 1 bite of the cubed beef.
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Unagi Cawanmushi

For desserts, we ordered the few different things to try on. Tiramisu
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Mango Pudding

Green Tea Ice-cream
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

For other reviews about this restaurant, please refer to this link:

Location: T236, The Gardens Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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