Food Garden

Food Garden is located at The Garden‘s 3rd floor, next to the Borders. There is not many lunch crowds at this food court as compared to the rest of the food courts in Mid Valley. The price range is slightly expensive than the Oasis at the Level 2, Mid Valley and it is similar to the Food Junction at the Level 3, Mid Valley.

Japanese Ramen
It is another stall that I have tried few times mainly the ramen selection. It comes with a small cup of hot green tea. The only comment about this stall is their slow service even there is no customers.

Curry Chicken Ramen is one of my favourite choice. The cooking process of ramen is a little longer, so you are expected to wait for a while. The ingredients comprises of curry chicken cubes with potatoes which tastes good enough and a half piece of boiled egg.This set comes with a cup of hot green tea. 

Pattaya Fried Rice
Thai cuisine made by covering chicken fried rice in the omelette. But this omelette is not wrapping the fried rice. It is from the Thai Food stall.

Yee Mee Soup in Claypot
This claypot yee mee with seafood consists of crabstick, some squid rings, two tiny prawn and some vegetables. I think it is still a little pricey because the amount of ingredients is quite little. However, I quite like the soup because it tastes good when you cook with yee mee and add some sesame oil into the soup. The aroma of the yee mee and sesame oil in the soup make me feel appetizing 🙂

For my other reviews for this food court can be found at below link:

T-216A , 3rd Floor, The Food Garden, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Food Junction

Food Junction (food court) is located at third floor, north court of the Mid Valley Shopping Mall. It has slightly more food to choose than the Oasis food court at second floor. The pricing is also slightly expensive than the Oasis food court and almost same as the Food Garden food court at third floor of The Gardens Mall.

I have been there for few times. Here is the food which I have tried before :-

Sizzling Hot Plate Chicken Mushroom with Yee Mee.
It runs by a Malay’s owner. They offer few types of sizzling hot plates and you can add egg if you want.

Curry Laksa
I chose meehoon with curry laksa but they cooked wrongly for me and I got extra yellow mee. Nothing is special to shout out for its taste.

Assam Laksa
It is a bit disappointed taste and not much ingredients.

On another occasion, I tried the little wok Cantonese Fried Noodle. The gravy is as nice as those you can find from “Tai Chow” outside. Unfortunately, I was too hungry to eat it, I didn’t take a picture of it before eating it.

Sushi Tei

Few months back, I met an old college-mate at Sushi Tei for dinner. It was my first visit and I did not know what I wanted to eat. My friend asked whether I wanted to eat rice or noodle. Finally, I decided to order the Chicken Katsu Udon.
Sushi Tei

It gives quite generous amount of udon and the soup is not oily. The crispy fried chicken tastes normal for me. 🙂 Here is some close up of the udon and the fried chicken.
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei

Ramen with Seaweed
A bowl of simple ramen with seaweed and 2 pieces of fish cake. As usual, the soup based is not oily and the noodle portion is generous. However, the amounts of seaweed and fish cakes were too little, made me felt it was too plain.
Sushi Tei

As for the sushi, I did not try much and I just ate one of these only. So, there is no comment for sushi.
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei

If you are looking for set lunch, they also offer bento sets. One of the bento set is this one,
Sushi Tei

It consists of the cold soba, sushi and some side dishes which include the miso soup and chawanmushi. It is quite worth to try out this set if you like to eat sushi.

Go to Japanese restaurant, it must complete with a cup of green tea and I like hot ocha.

Address: Lot LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.