Food Junction

Food Junction (food court) is located at third floor, north court of the Mid Valley Shopping Mall. It has slightly more food to choose than the Oasis food court at second floor. The pricing is also slightly expensive than the Oasis food court and almost same as the Food Garden food court at third floor of The Gardens Mall.

I have been there for few times. Here is the food which I have tried before :-

Sizzling Hot Plate Chicken Mushroom with Yee Mee.
It runs by a Malay’s owner. They offer few types of sizzling hot plates and you can add egg if you want.

Curry Laksa
I chose meehoon with curry laksa but they cooked wrongly for me and I got extra yellow mee. Nothing is special to shout out for its taste.

Assam Laksa
It is a bit disappointed taste and not much ingredients.

On another occasion, I tried the little wok Cantonese Fried Noodle. The gravy is as nice as those you can find from “Tai Chow” outside. Unfortunately, I was too hungry to eat it, I didn’t take a picture of it before eating it.


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