Thim Yuen Kopitiam

Thim Yuen Kopitiam at Lorong Brunei 3, nearby the Pudu Plaza was one of my favorite kopitiam during my schooling days. I liked the wanton noodle stall there because of its nice soup based. I am not sure if the same stall owner still selling there or not.

During my recent visit, I tried the “tai chow”. It was the only stall opened during the Chinese New Year season. We ordered few plates of noodles to eat.

Sang Mein
Sang Mein is the fried wanton noodle with thick gravy. The gravy is similar as the Cantonese fried noodle and most of the time the ingredients are almost similar. I have to mix the noodle with gravy in order to get it soften before eating it.

Hokkien Mee
I seldom eat Hokkien mee, the big and thick yellow noodles cooks with dark soya sauce. All I know is an Hokkien mee considers as a good one if the cook puts in the lards to cook. I do not know why the taste will be different if goes without the lards. Anyway, I hate lards that is why I seldom eat Hokkien mee.

Cantonese Fried Noodle
The Cantonese fried noodle that has the kway teow only is called “wat tan hor”. A normal Cantonese fried noodle is the combination of the fried mee hoon and kway teow and it is called “yin yong”. Both gravy are the same.


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