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TGI Friday

It was suggested by my colleagues to go to the TGI Friday at The Gardens, Mid Valley on Thursday’s evening for dinner. She said she thought of eating there all of sudden and wanted to celebrate another colleague’s belated birthday. All of us headed to the restaurant shortly after 6.30PM.

As we settled down at one of the corner tables at the restaurant, we went through the menu from front to back, from appetiser to main dishes. We spent quite long time to decide what kind of good food to have on that evening.

While waiting the food and drink to come, I took this picture below that showed the Chinese New Year decoration at this restaurant. Simple better than nothing.

Okay, my bottomless Iced Lemon Tea

Fried Mac and Cheese
Our appetiser. It was crunchy outside, cheesy inside. For me, the creamy cheese inside the crunchy breadcrumbs was just right and not too strong.

This was how it looked like when I bit it into two pieces. The creamy cheese and the macaroni.

Here is our main courses. It consisted of Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta. The salmon was pretty big pieces, almost covered the whole plate of the pasta. Haha, actually, it is because the plate was quite small. But, the salmon were really generously big pieces. 

Chicken Caesar Salad
This round, the plate was big and the salad and chicken breast meat were big too. It was quite nice with its special dressing.

Let us have a closer view of the salad.

The beef steak. I am really sorry, I do not know much about eating steak. So, I trusted my colleagues to decide the level of rawness of this steak. Was it medium well?

Let us have a closer look. It was suggested by my colleague to display the steak in this way. It garnished with many fries and some broccoli.

We were very full to finish all these food, but luckily, we have a guy to finish it all. After all, we have a lot of fun being together outside of the office.

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Lot F226B, 1st Floor, The Gardens Mall Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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