Reminisce means indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. Yes, this restaurant’s setting is based on the collections of old stuff that we used before during our childhood days. Perhaps, many of us might have forgotten all these small stuff. Here is some of the pictures that I took during my visit.

It is located at ground floor, Mid Valley, nearby the Boulevard Hotel. So, next time when you plan for old-mates gathering can consider this restaurant too.

As for food comments, please continue read…

Butter Chicken Rice Set
Suggested by my colleague to try this butter chicken rice. So, I ordered the set which consisted of the main course, a drink and a dessert. No disappointment. It is nice butter chicken with a sambal egg. The sauce or gravy is enough taste.

Reminisce Bento
Bento that consists of many different small snacks such as chee cheung fun, satay, spring rolls, crispy stuffed “yau zha guai”, fish balls and fried chicken. From my own opinion, it is not a good pick for its price.

Crispy Nian Gao

Yam Cake

Dry Curry Noodle

Lot GE-019 Ground External Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Shihlin Taiwan

If you want to try out the giant size of crispy fried chicken, you do not have to go as far as Taiwan, you can find it at Shilin Taiwan Street Snack. The shop is located at many places around KL, Selangor and other states in Malaysia.

I tried this Happy! Ricebox Set. It consisted of a XXL crispy fried chicken, cut and spread on top of the white rice, accompanying with smooth cold tofu topped with diced century egg. On top of that, they put some oyster sauce and some spring onions on top. It is a good combination of hot and cold dish. This is how the whole set looks like. Do not look down at its portion. I do feel full after finishing it because of the soya bean milk which is quite filling after drinking it.
Shilin Taiwan

This ricebox set comes with a drink, you can choose between the V-Soy soya bean milk drink or mineral water.
Shihlin Taiwan
Closer view of the ricebox,
Shihlin Taiwan

Address: Lot LG-K-17, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sunflower Brasserie

I have some backlog of unpublished entries for this restaurant called, Sunflower Brasserie which is located at the Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Fish and Chips
The fish fillets looked slightly bigger pieces than before this. It gave us 2 big pieces. I still love the fish and chip in Brisbane and Perth! Yayahh…
We were served by this tall Malay guy who suggested to us to try the Mamak style fried noodle (RM22) when we ordered the fried noodle. The portion is quite generous and the taste is acceptable, just that it is a bit oily when fried with kuay teow.


However, when we went there again on our third visit and ordered the same Mamak style fried kuay teow, the portion was reduced.


So from its presentation, is it different chefs who cooked this noodle?

We also ordered another fried noodle. This one I felt we were cheated. It is Vegetarian fried noodle (RM21) and its price at the menu was RM18.00 but when the bill came, it showed the price as RM21.00. We asked the waiter, he said the price has increased and the menu has not updated but system has updated. How can it be? It is cheating consumers.
Still, the portion is small.

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