Purple Cane Tea House

Besides just having a cuppa of tea, you can try their food too. There are few dishes that I quite like it during my previous visits.

Nasi Lemak with curry chicken
The rice is cooked with tea leaves and the curry always tastes nice especially the potatoes.

Another good try is the mushroom chicken noodle or you can order rice as well. It uses the flat yellow mee. The noodle looks oily to me after mixed with the black-mushroom sauce.

It seems like the rice set is better presentation that the noodle one.

I tried the vegetarian goose noodle and it is one of my favourite vegetarian food but it is very oily because of the fried vegetarian goose. However, this crispy vegetarian goose goes well with the dried flat yellow noodle.

Black Tea Chicken Rice
Same as the Nasi Lemak set, the rice is cooked with tea leaves. The chicken breast is quite generous. Hope it is still the same now.

Lemon Chicken Rice

All the above sets come with a glass of cold drink or hot tea of your choice.

For more reviews about this restaurant, please go to below links:

Purple Cane Tea House
No 6, Third Floor, Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur

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