Chinese Food, Food Court & Hawker Centre, Halal Food, Lunch & Afternoon Tea

I Love Yoo

Looking for something simple so, I went to Subway. Wah… the queue was very long, so I gave up and walked to the middle stalls located at the lower ground floor of The Gardens. Surprisingly, there was no queue for I Love Yoo on this particular day. Then, I found a corner place to sit down and waited for a while before the porridge is served.

You can have a choice of peanut porridge or dried scallop porridge. I think by default they will give you dried scallop porridge. Just tell the person-in-charged that you want to have different favour when you place your order.

Okay, this is how the porridge looks like. The smooth and thick porridge topped with  spring onions, some light soya sauce and sesame oil. If you want, you can put some white pepper. Do mixed it well and dip the yau char kwai (a Chinese long and crispy donut) into the porridge before you start eating it.

Sorry, I took the picture when it was about to finish.

LG K16, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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