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Avant Chocolate

In my recent trip to Cameron Highlands with a group of friends, we visited a little shop which is situated along the highway road to/from Simpang Pulai. My friend said, we can have tea break here before going down to Ipoh. Gosh, you know, it was 12.30PM only. It supposed to be lunch time!

Anyway, it is a great finding for us because this shop sells a lot of different kind of chocolate. I have seen people buying a full basket of chocolate, so I did too with my friends. I am not a chocolate fan but I bought some too.

Blueberry Strudel
Layered pastry filling with blueberry jam and cream and topped with a strawberry.

You may think it is weird, went to a chocolate shop but eating blueberry strudel… haha 🙂

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake
It is rich with the bitterness of the dark chocolate taste. The crispiness of dark chocolate on top blends well with the chocolate mousse in the middle.

Since I am not big fan of chocolate, I let the rest of the stories to be continue by yourself. Cheers!

No.11-13, Jalan Corina 2, 39010, Taman Desa Corina, Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.


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