Fast Food, Non-Halal Food

Ninja Joe

The Groupon gave me free RM10.00 credit and I must you it before the given expiry date. I asked my friend if she wants to buy anything and she can use my RM10.00 voucher to buy. Haha, she replied me, “I also have the same RM10.00 credit in my account”. On the day before the expiry date, she buzzed me and asked if I have bought something with the RM10.00. Ops! I almost forgot to use. I quickly browsed through the Groupon website and I found you, Big Boss!

Well, Ninja Joe was having promotion at the time. So, I decided to spend the RM10.00 voucher to get the Big Boss and added on RM5.00 for the Big Boss set which included the porky Big Boss burger, chillies cheesy fries and a cup of carbonated drink.

It definitely looked more than enough for me as lunch. The tenderness of the pork meat went well with the lettuce, tomato, one slice of bacon and an egg. I also like its bread, chewy texture. It is a very big burger for me to finish it alone.

Seriously, I cannot finish my fries and I brought it back home for dinner.

Good to try if you are looking for pork burgers as there is not many available in KL city. The price range is a bit medium high if you compared to McDonald or Burger King because it serves pork.

LG-233, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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