Ong Kee

Whenever we visit to Ipoh, Perak, we will make a trip to this Ong Kee Tauge Ayam restaurant for the steamed chicken. Its rival shop named, Lou Wong also located at the same street of Yau Tet Shin Street, Ipoh. I have not been to Lou Wong before and therefore, there is no comparison made at the moment.

Steamed chicken

I personally do not prefer to eat steamed chicken because of its taste and the fatty skin. There is no exception case for this chicken too. Besides that, the portion for four person looks pretty small.

Simple steamed chicken goes well with hor fun (keow teow) or rice.

Hor Fun

You may order additional dishes such as bean sprouts which is very famous in Ipoh, fish balls or meat balls. A gentle reminder for those who want to order bean sprouts, they put a lot of white pepper on top of it. If you do not like to eat white pepper, maybe you can ask the waiter to exclude it 🙂

Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


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