Sushi Tei

My ex-colleague buzzed me on one of the afternoon’s lunches, asking me to join her for lunch, however, I rejected due to workload. Then, the next few days, I buzzed her and asked her for lunch. And also, I asked another ex-colleague to join us as well. It has been a while we did not meet up and have some chats. Luckily, both of them were free to join.

After walking through the “eateries street” along the walkway from Mid Valley Megamall to The Gardens Mall at the lower ground, we finally settled down at Sushi Tei.

In my previous two visits to Sushi Tei, I chose to eat the noodle selection. This time, the food were chose by them as I would like to try out new things too!

Deep Fried Fish Skin
Sushi Tei
 I do not eat fish skin whenever I eat steamed fish but this fried fish skin is crispy. It goes well with the mayonnaise. However, I found myself very thirsty after that. 🙂
Sushi Tei
I have no idea what this maki called. We just picked up from the sushi belt and tried.

Fried Salmon Rice
Sushi Tei
Simple fried rice, the taste is just okay, did not see much salmon or it might be cubed salmon. It was nothing fantastic about it.

Address: Lot LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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