Old Town White Coffee

I am  going to share with you their recent My Breakfast set and My Lunch set which I went to try recently with my aunt. They do have My Dinner set too which comes with desserts too. As  for breakfast and lunch, it comes with a drink and they offer add-on in discounted prices. Let’s have a look on what I have tried so far.

For breakfast, I tried the Mee Siam. I will not suggest to people to order this se. It is very little fried meehoon with some shredded eggs on top of the meehoon and sambal sotong. I guess, if you buy fried meehoon from the Malay stalls by the road side can get more than this.

As for their lunch set offers, I tried the Mee Jawa and Minced Chicken Meat with Egg Rice. Small amount of yellow noodle with fried tofu, cubed potatoes, half of the boiled egg and bean sprouts. The mee jawa’s sauce was pretty okay, nicely blended with the shredded peanut and fried onion.

Reasonable portion with generous amount of minced chicken and nothing else. Simple yet filling. If compared with Mee Jawa, this is more worthy.

And the drink that I usually will order is the Iced Lemon Tea. Of course, on some odd days, I will go for its signature drink, Iced White Coffee.

Location : 26 Jalan Jejaka 7, Taman Maluri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Old Town White Coffee has a lot of franchise’s outlets around the country). 

Royal China (Tai Thong)

Revisited this restaurant for dim sum on one of the sunny Saturdays and got to enjoy 30% discounts for all dim sum selection. As usual, I prefer to go for steamed dim sum and one of the must ordered is this barbecue pork bun. Average in size and it is juicy enough with generous ingredients.

Next, I ordered the siew mai. In almost every dim sum restaurants I went to, the siew mai comes in a basket of 3 pieces. However, here comes with 4 pieces. It is just a basic siew mai, without prawn as some other restaurants do offer. The taste is just on average.

This fried carrot cake used to be a bit spicy because it puts the sambal belacan but in this visit the taste was slightly lighter than its usual and it gave a lot of bean sprout to make it looked as though it was a lot. Overall, I pretty like this taste.

Lastly, I ordered the chee cheong fun with barbecue pork. At times, I feel it is not worth to order this. Haha… Well, the taste and the chee cheong fun’s texture are still good as its original.

Overall, the taste for the above dim sum is just on its average. The customer service so far still okay even during heavy crowd. Plus, right now, it is having promotion. So, I think it is no harm to give a try to eat dim sum in an air-conditioned room.

Location: 239, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Non-Halal Dim Sum

Sushi Tei

Shortly after my Japan trip in April 2013, I went to Sushi Tei with a bunch of colleagues for farewell lunch. Yea, it was my farewell lunch. They suggested to go there and check out if there was any offer on that day. Yes, it offered set lunch and I looked through the offers and found out they did offer cold soba. This set lunch includes a bowl of miso soup, chawanmushi and the main selection.

Without hesitation, I ordered the below the cold soba with sushi bento set. It has the cold soba with the soy sauce, sushi, pickles and salad. After trying the original way of eating soba in Japan, I decided to try it again here. I added the wasabi into the soy sauce, same method I ate in Japan. However, either the soba or the sauce was not cold enough to give me the same “umph” feeling again. And of course sushi in Japan tastes better. But, this set is also good enough to satisfy my desire. It gave pretty generous portion. Worth to try.
Sushi Tei
Below are the chawanmushi and the miso soup. The miso soup’s ingredients included seaweed and small cubed tofu. The chawanmushi consisted of tiny sliced mushrooms, cubed chicken meat and of course, egg.
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
It is 100% satisfaction with a glass of hot ocha (green tea).
Sushi Tei

Address: Lot LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

N Brew

On the side of KL, we have N Brew, a newly opened Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Mid Valley. Maybe you will be asking me, what is this liquid nitrogen ice-cream? After a quick search from the Internet, I saw some fellow bloggers wrote about this shop in e@Curve, said to be nitrogen based yogurt and gelato. What is it exactly, let’s take into a deeper look.

This is the Cookies & Cream flavour with chocolate bits. It costs at RM9.90 for two scoops. Yes, I agreed with the fellow bloggers, it is satisfyingly smooth and rich. I have not seen the making process yet because this cup of ice cream was a treat of my boss.

If you guys plan to try out this ice cream, you can go to Mid Valley branch instead of e@curve.

F-074A First Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Moo Cow
Hi readers! Sorry for being “quiet” for the past 10 days. There are many things happened for the two weeks. Let’s forget it all and begins my story here. It was a great Sunday on 28th April, I went out with my uncle, aunt and two cousins at KLCC to have our lunches and tea break. It was also the day, I felt I was free from being in the working life.

As I promised my cousins to buy them Moo Cow, so I did and it was my first time eating it –  Original flavour with Raisin. Well, I never try eating yoghurt ice-cream before but I drink yoghurt occasionally, I never know that it can be quite tasty too when it is original flavour. It is plain and simple and not very sourly.

Address: Concourse Level, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (In front of Iseten’s supermarket).