Sushi Tei

Shortly after my Japan trip in April 2013, I went to Sushi Tei with a bunch of colleagues for farewell lunch. Yea, it was my farewell lunch. They suggested to go there and check out if there was any offer on that day. Yes, it offered set lunch and I looked through the offers and found out they did offer cold soba. This set lunch includes a bowl of miso soup, chawanmushi and the main selection.

Without hesitation, I ordered the below the cold soba with sushi bento set. It has the cold soba with the soy sauce, sushi, pickles and salad. After trying the original way of eating soba in Japan, I decided to try it again here. I added the wasabi into the soy sauce, same method I ate in Japan. However, either the soba or the sauce was not cold enough to give me the same “umph” feeling again. And of course sushi in Japan tastes better. But, this set is also good enough to satisfy my desire. It gave pretty generous portion. Worth to try.
Sushi Tei
Below are the chawanmushi and the miso soup. The miso soup’s ingredients included seaweed and small cubed tofu. The chawanmushi consisted of tiny sliced mushrooms, cubed chicken meat and of course, egg.
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
It is 100% satisfaction with a glass of hot ocha (green tea).
Sushi Tei

Address: Lot LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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