Royal China (Tai Thong)

Revisited this restaurant for dim sum on one of the sunny Saturdays and got to enjoy 30% discounts for all dim sum selection. As usual, I prefer to go for steamed dim sum and one of the must ordered is this barbecue pork bun. Average in size and it is juicy enough with generous ingredients.

Next, I ordered the siew mai. In almost every dim sum restaurants I went to, the siew mai comes in a basket of 3 pieces. However, here comes with 4 pieces. It is just a basic siew mai, without prawn as some other restaurants do offer. The taste is just on average.

This fried carrot cake used to be a bit spicy because it puts the sambal belacan but in this visit the taste was slightly lighter than its usual and it gave a lot of bean sprout to make it looked as though it was a lot. Overall, I pretty like this taste.

Lastly, I ordered the chee cheong fun with barbecue pork. At times, I feel it is not worth to order this. Haha… Well, the taste and the chee cheong fun’s texture are still good as its original.

Overall, the taste for the above dim sum is just on its average. The customer service so far still okay even during heavy crowd. Plus, right now, it is having promotion. So, I think it is no harm to give a try to eat dim sum in an air-conditioned room.

Location: 239, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Non-Halal Dim Sum


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