Old Town White Coffee

I am  going to share with you their recent My Breakfast set and My Lunch set which I went to try recently with my aunt. They do have My Dinner set too which comes with desserts too. As  for breakfast and lunch, it comes with a drink and they offer add-on in discounted prices. Let’s have a look on what I have tried so far.

For breakfast, I tried the Mee Siam. I will not suggest to people to order this se. It is very little fried meehoon with some shredded eggs on top of the meehoon and sambal sotong. I guess, if you buy fried meehoon from the Malay stalls by the road side can get more than this.

As for their lunch set offers, I tried the Mee Jawa and Minced Chicken Meat with Egg Rice. Small amount of yellow noodle with fried tofu, cubed potatoes, half of the boiled egg and bean sprouts. The mee jawa’s sauce was pretty okay, nicely blended with the shredded peanut and fried onion.

Reasonable portion with generous amount of minced chicken and nothing else. Simple yet filling. If compared with Mee Jawa, this is more worthy.

And the drink that I usually will order is the Iced Lemon Tea. Of course, on some odd days, I will go for its signature drink, Iced White Coffee.

Location : 26 Jalan Jejaka 7, Taman Maluri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Old Town White Coffee has a lot of franchise’s outlets around the country). 


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