Swensen’s Singapore

One of its branches located at Century Square, Tampines Central, serving from casual dining with wide range of food selection, desserts and ice-cream. I am not sure if there is still anymore Swensen’s in Malaysia, but lucky enough that Singapore has many branches.

It was my colleague’s birthday month and it was my first day of arrival in Singapore for a week of knowledge exchange with my teammate. My group of “fans” were asking me if I free to go for lunch. So, I said okay, thinking that I might be busy for the next couple of days, so why not today since I have not started anything yet.
They suggested to go for Swensen’s where the birthday boy can a bowl of free soup. And yes, not only he did and we did too, the Pumpkin Soup. It was great to be treated special 🙂 and shared the good things together. Anyway, thank you for the sweet and thick pumpkin soup. It is an healthy soup.

Cheese Baked Meatball spaghetti

Don’t underestimate it, can be very filling. I managed to finish it, anyway because I do not waste food. The taste was good with generous cheese and tomatoes purée. The 4 meatballs was springy!? Oh nom nom nom…

Oh wait, I still have my ice-cream as desserts. It was included in the set lunch. I thought I couldn’t order this which looked yummy from the menu but my colleague said, you can choose any of them. Wow! I know I can’t take it especially so “chocolate”. But it was so tempting and irresistible. Ops, Yes I want this as my dessert, Chocolate Crunch, please.

Chocolate Crunch
It was a great lunch with a group of great friends. The total damage was unknown as they insisted to treat me even I “threatened” not to do their requests, oh no, which I could not. Thank you so much, all my “fans”. I will serve you all as my top priorities. “Yes, Captain, I am awaiting your order”.

Location : 2 Tampines Central 5, #B1-16 Century Square, Singapore, Singapore 529509


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